10 Book Related Things We Find Interesting…This Week (11/12/2011)

10_Book_Related_ThingsIs 10 Book Related Things a new regular feature?  Perhaps, or maybe the reality of the situation is that we’re just rounding up all of the literary blips and bleeps from around the interweb that we find interesting because we’re far too lazy too write our own opinions about them.

You be the judge as we proudly celebrate our not-so-newly discovered slothness below.  Oh, and if you’ve got a better name for this thing we’re all eyes, so don’t hesitate to type it in below.

  1. Customers have been quick to post some rather interesting reviews of Jerry Sandusky’s aptly titled biography over at Amazon.com.
  2. Speaking of Amazon, the new Kindle Fire boasts a rather unimpressive EIGHT hours of continuous reading time between charges, not that the nook tablet’s ELEVEN AND A HALF is anything to brag about.
  3. Wait, Kobo has a tablet too?  After their sale to Rakuten will anyone care?
  4. Rogers Writers’ Trust fiction winner Patrick deWitt plans to spend a lot of his $25,000 winnings at the record store and at the book store.  [See our review of the novel here.]
  5. Esi Edugyan’s Giller winning novel Half Blood Blues had a difficult time finding its way to publication and is still unavailable in the United States. [See our review of the novel here.]
  6. The Guardian called Alice LaPlante’s Wellcome Trust winning novel “unforgettable.”  An interesting way to describe a book about Alzheimer’s.
  7. Think the ebook wars are heating up?  Looks like the new ePub 3 standard which was originally presented in May of last year has finally been approved.
  8. The list of who author Q.A. Markham hasn’t plagiarized is probably shorter than the list of those he has, yet with all the praise initially heaped upon his debut novel Assassin of Secrets and the sales boost the recall of the novel has sparked, one has to wonder if getting caught was just some sort of clever strategy.
  9. Speaking of stealing, three authors are suing Ling Zhang claiming that her award winning novel Gold Mountain Blues contains characters and ideas lifted directly from their novels.  Unlike Markham, Zhang’s publishing house has NOT pulled her book from the shelves.
  10. Andre DuBus III’s memoir of growing up on the streets of Haverhill, MA is soon to become a motion picture?  All we want to know is who is going to play dad? [See our review of the memoir here.]

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