Forbrydelsen Vs. The Killing: Week Eleven


We’re baaaack!  With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation.  They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.  

Whether  you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable.  Enjoy!

Should I be excited that The Killing has been renewed for a second season or should I groan?  As episode twelve came to a close the show just about reached the halfway mark in terms of Forbrydelsen’s progression.  I fear that in the “shocking” season finale next week The Killing will make the horrible mistake of revealing to the viewer, but not the detectives, who the real killer is.  How else could they possibly keep anyone interested in this tale through an entire year long off-season?  It’s simply too big a question to leave unresolved that long.  Season two, instead of focusing on a new case, will be all about the detectives connecting the dots and figuring out how and why the crime was committed.  That’s my guess anyway.

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Forbrydelsen Vs. The KillingThe Killing: Apparently Mayor Adams’ Waterfront Revitalization Project uses non-union scabs for their labor.  Who else would work at night, and in the rain, to manually dig a hole?  Then again, only a union job would have FIVE people all digging with shovels in the same space right on top of one another.  Either way, what they unearth, the partial remains of a skull, is not a good thing for the Mayor’s campaign.  What’s most interesting however is that two police cars pull up to the site, lights flashing, at the very instant the diggers find the skull.  That’s efficient police work! Cut to Linden walking down the corridor to her office while having a heated conversation with her son’s father on her cell phone.  She gets to the office and sees Holder sitting inside.  She turns her back to continue her conversation, telling her ex that he has no right to just show up out of the blue after disappearing and not paying any child support for years.  Holder taps the door’s glass window and Linden turns to see him holding a vivid, 500 megapixel, freeze frame printout of Rosie Larsen’s face from the full color, high definition ATM footage recovered from the casino.  Cut to the opening credits.

Forbrydelsen: There is an older victim from fifteen years ago that Lund (Linden) indentifies with the help of her boyfriend Bengt (Rick) who is a profiler.  Here’s the thing: in Forbrydelsen it’s confirmed very early on that Rosie was raped and killed by someone who knew what they were doing and had probably committed this type of crime in the past.  The police were looking for other missing women to connect to the case; they didn’t just stumble upon random bodies by accident or luck.  Also, there is no Waterfront Revitalization Project or casino.

The Killing: Holder fills Linden in on what he’s discovered.  The ATM photos of Rosie are from Saturday morning at 12:37AM.  It turns out that Rosie has been making cash deposits into her Aunt Teri’s bank account every few weeks.  All told, she’s put more that $7,000 into the account.  Cut to a Seattle backdrop as Day Twelve flashes across the screen.  Kulamish Nation Chief Nicole Jackson (quite the original Indian name) is giving a press conference at the waterfront site about the skull that was uncovered by workers.  Just how much land do the Indians own in Seattle?  How is the tribe that owns an island casino connected to the Waterfront Revitalization Project on mainland Seattle?  Cut to the Mayor’s office.  He’s pissed because he knows the skull means that his construction project will be held up indefinitely in the courts and his pro-jobs election platform now looks shaky.  He’s so angry that he swipes his hand across his desk, knocking its contents to the floor for dramatic effect.  At Richmond headquarters, due to Adam’s face plant with the construction site, everything is looking up, but Richmond still doesn’t have the endorsement of Seattle’s most influential newspaper, The Record.  Gwen drops off some talking points for him to look at for his meeting with the paper’s editorial board later in the day.  Millionaire campaign donor Tom Drexler calls Jamie to request Richmond’s presence at a party he’s throwing that day in honor of the Mayor’s latest disgrace.  Richmond tells Jamie to go in his place.  Senator Eaton calls for Richmond.  They have a useless conversation that serves no purpose other than to fill time.

Forbrydelsen: There’s no Waterfront Revitalization Project, casino, Indians, or millionaire campaign contributor.  Two videos of Nanna (Rosie) do surface, but since The Killing hasn’t quite caught up story wise to Forbrydelsen it could be spoilerific to talk about them in any detail.

Forbrydelsen Vs. The KillingThe Killing: Back at the Larsen residence, Mitch hears a message left by the Polish mob boss who used to employee Stan on the company answering machine.  She immediately questions Belko about it and when he acts evasive in response she fires him on the spot.    Cut to Stan, in prison, leaving a message on the home answering machine for Mitch.  He says that he had his bond hearing this morning and that he needs to see a psychiatrist before he can be released.  For her part, Mitch now seems content to let Stan rot in jail.  Cut to Linden and Holder who have somehow snuck by Mitch to enter the Larson residence and are upstairs questioning Teri as she gets the boys ready for school.  Teri at first denies any knowledge of the bank account, then finally admits that she let Rosie borrow her ID a few months ago so she could go out drinking at a club because her mother never let her have any fun.  Holder confronts Teri with an ATM photo of Rosie at the casino and questions her as to what her niece may have been doing there, but Teri says she has no idea.  She then gets upset at the detectives’ insinuations that Rosie may have been up to no good and asks them to leave.

Forbrydelsen: The Larsen’s do have a minor falling out with Vagn (Belko) in which they do briefly fire him.  In episode seventeen they sit down and discuss the situation and make amends.  In Forbrydelsen, Nanna’s (Rosie) extra income, which she’s been secretly depositing into a bank account with her brother’s names on it, comes from a job she gets working at the same club as her Aunt Charlotte (Teri).  Hold that thought, because I’ll come back to it as episode twelve of The Killing plays itself out.

The Killing: Gwen meets Mayor Adams outside and he hands her an envelope full of things he tells her that she needs to see.  He says he’s giving them to her not as a politician, but as a friend of her father’s who has watched her grow from a young age.  Meanwhile Holder and Linden connect with Holder’s ex-partner from his undercover days.  She was working at the casino, but the Indians blew her cover and had her removed.  They show her a picture of Rosie, but she’s never seen her before.  She then tells them about a social introduction service called Beau Soleil.  It’s a high-end online social escort service for rich boys looking for a good time.  They use the casino as a meeting point because no one cares what goes on there.  Holder asks if any rough stuff ever happens.  She replies that last summer one of the Beau Soleil girls was found in a room banged up real bad. “Twenty stitches and a broken rib bad.”  Holder and Linden ask if the woman identified the man who did it and what her name was, but she tells them that the woman provided only a description of the assailant and a fake name for herself. 

Forbrydelsen: In episode ten it’s revealed that the online dating site is connected to the club named Boils that Charlotte (Teri) and Nanna (Rosie) worked at.  Charlotte (Teri) got Nanna (Rosie) the job last summer without telling her parents.  Rosie met someone whose identity she wouldn’t reveal, via the club and started a relationship with him that didn’t end well.  Theis (Stan) finds out about this one night after he has to retrieve his missing and drunken daughter from a hotel room just after the break in the relationship.  He does not tell Pernille (Mitch) about what happened, but makes Nanna (Rosie) promise to quit the job and stay away from the boyfriend.  Pernille (Mitch) later finds out after confronting Charlotte (Teri) with a Christmas card that arrives at the house addressed to Nanna (Rosie) from the club.  This occurs while Theis (Stan) is in custody for beating Rama (Bennet).  Hold these thoughts, because The Killing still has a bit more catching up to do.

Forbrydelsen Vs. The KillingThe Killing: Jaime arrives at Tom Drexler’s party to find him and a bunch of half-naked call girls from Beau Soleil swimming in an enormous pool.  Drexler is upset that Richmond isn’t there.  Drexler tells Jamie that he can do whatever he wants because Richmond will clean up after him and that he didn’t give Richmond five million dollars just because he could shoot hoops.  Jamie makes to leave, stating that he’s got an election in fourteen days and Drexler tells him to change into a Speedo.  Mitch goes to see Stan in prison to accuse him of hooking back up with the mob and gambling their savings away.  He’s about to tell her that he stole all of their money to buy a house behind her back, but thinks better of it.  Instead, he tells her off, saying that she pushed him to beat up Bennet and the only difference between them is that he had the balls to own up to what he did.  He then gets up and walks away.

Forbrydelsen: There’s no millionaire Tom Drexler character and therefore no corresponding storyline.  In episode ten Pernille (Mitch) visits Theis (Stan) in prison and she immediately gives him a giant hug.  She questions him about the bank account Nanna (Rosie) opened for the boys and asks if he and Rosie (Nanna) had a falling out over something that happened last summer.  Thesis (Stan) says there was no falling out and that he may have given her some extra money while she was working for them to which Pernille (Mitch) replies, “$11,000?”  Stan says he doesn’t know.  This conversation takes place BEFORE Pernille (Mitch) learns the truth from Charlotte (Teri) about Nanna’s (Rosie) job.  Later in the same episode Stan is told that he is free to go and he leaves the prison on his own.

The Killing: Holder pulls the police report from the incident at the casino involving the Beau Soleil girl.  She did in fact give a fake name, but the description of the perpetrator sounds very much like Tom Drexler.  Some further digging reveals that Drexler has two priors for solicitation and that a restraining order has been taken out against him by an ex that he took a swipe at outside a casino. The two walk into a room at the precinct to discover Special Agent Paul Ballard of the Dollhouse waiting for them.  Didn’t he die in the final episode?  Anyway, it turns out he’s Jack’s father.  Holder steps out of the room and Linden and the unnamed father who shall hence forth before referred to as Paul Ballard, have a back and forth conversation in which it’s revealed that he walked out years ago, lives in Chicago, and has a new family that he’d like Jack to be a part of.  Linden ends the conversation by telling him that if goes near Jack again she’ll have him arrested for kidnapping.

Forbrydelsen: There is no casino, so there’s no corresponding plot line in that regard.  There is however a girl whom the police identify as a potential person of interest in regards to the online chatroom/forum run by the club.  More on that in a moment as The Killing continues to play catch-up.  As stated in a previous recap, Mark;s (Jack) father does in fact return in Forbrydelsen.  He and Lund (Linden) aren’t on the best of terms, but eventually they agree that Mark (Jack) will go and live with him on a temporary basis while Lund (Linden) focuses on the murder investigation.

Forbrydelsen Vs. The KillingThe Killing: The police reexamine Rosie’s computer and find a link redirecting to the Beau Soleil website.  There are several girls pictured, but none of them show their faces and all of them use screen names.  Linden and Holder spot Rosie’s expensive boots in one shot, but when they look closer they can see that the individual wearing the boots is also wearing Teri’s jacket.  The detectives meet up with Teri in the bar she works at and she admits that she used the site as a way to meet men.  She also admits that she gave Rosie the boots to borrow after she fell in love with them and doesn’t see what the big deal is.  Holder tells Teri that someone used Rosie’s computer to access the Beau Soleil website on Wednesday night, three days before Rosie was murdered.  Teri replies that she worked the night shift that night.  Teri goes on to tell the detectives that the website has a message board so the girls can post messages and warn each other away from weirdoes and strange dates.  Apparently a few weeks back a girl posted a message telling others to keep away from the man using the screen name Orpheus.  She stated that this individual drove her to the waterfront and asked her if she ever wondered what it would feel like to drown.

Forbrydelsen: The police gain access to the servers that host Boils website and find out that Nanna (Rosie) had been in communication with a man who used the screen name Faust.  Who is Faust?  Patience, The Killing is getting there.

The Killing: Richmond meets with editors of The Record and answers their questions, even one that relates to what his deceased wife would think of how he’s run his political campaign for Mayor.  Richmond delivers a sappy answer about if he gets elected it will be because of her.  Meanwhile, Stan visits the prison psychiatrist who tells him that if he wants out that he better start talking.  Stan offers up a dream he had about coming home for dinner to find Rosie alive and another man at the head of the family’s dinner table.

Forbrydelsen: Nope.  Neither of these things occurred.

The Killing: The detectives go to a storefront that manufactures knock-off sneakers, but also hosts the Beau Soleil web servers on the side.  They find the post on the forum from a girl named Celine talking about a man named Orpheus who wants to drown her.  With a single click of a button Celine’s real name, Aleena Drizocki, is revealed.  Orpheus closed his account on October 5th, the day of Rosie’s murder, and the only information that remains is his email address:

Forbrydelsen: Faust’s account is active, and it was recently accessed from the computer in the flat rented by Hartmann’s (Richmond) political party, but who is Faust?  We’re almost there…

The Killing: Mitch tells Teri that she fired Belko.  The two get into a heated exchange and trade barbs back and forth.  They fight over Stan, Rosie, Mitch’s parenting skills and Teri’s lifestyle.  Teri tells Mitch that maybe none of them really knew Rosie and then she leaves.  Cut to commercial.

Forbrydelsen: The only exchange between Pernille (Mitch) and Charlotte (Teri) that comes close to confrontational is the one described above where it’s revealed that Charlottte (Teri) got Nanna (Rosie) a job working at Boils.

Forbrydelsen Vs. The KillingThe Killing: Linden sits in a pitch black office, lit only in the glow of her computer screen.  She sets up an anonymous poppymail account and sends a blank message with the subject “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” to Meanwhile, Holder sets up a date with Aleena Drizocki.  Aleena arrives at the hotel room and Holder gives her some money.  Then he tells her to sit down so they can talk.  He shows her pictures of Rosie’s dead and water bloated body.  Aleena is obviously afraid, but she won’t give up the name of the man who creeped her out and supposedly threatened to drown her.  She tells Holder that if he’s going to arrest her he should do it, and then storms out of the room.  Later, she calls the hotel room and tells Holder that if he wants to know who Orpheus is he should go to the corner of Fifth and Jackson.  At the same time, Teri bails Stan out of jail and drives him home.  Seeing Mitch in the upstairs window, Stan decides not to go inside, and instead he hops in his truck and drives off.

Forbrydelsen: The detectives don’t need to send emails to Faust because they access the web server’s logs to discover that he sent emails from both city hall and the flat rented by Hartmann’s (Richmond) political party.  They also use the logs to track down a woman who Faust hooked up with prior to Rosie.  At first the woman is reluctant to cooperate because she’s married, but eventually she gives in and admits she hooked up with Hartmann (Richmond), oops, I mean Faust, a few times.

The Killing: Gwen finally looks at those photos the mayor gave her and they show Richmond with random women.  Linden, after seeing an article in the paper and about Drexler donating to Richmond’s campaign, decides to head over to Richmond’s apartment to question him about it.  Before she leaves she asks another detective to stay at her computer and wait for a reply to the email she sent Orpheus.  When she gets to Richmond’s he has to excuse himself for a moment to take a phone call and she gets one of her own.  It’s the detective sitting at her computer who tells her that Orpheus read her email.  How he knows this we’ll never know.  She tells him to send it again and instantly she hears a computer in Richmond’s apartment beep.  She has the detective continually send the message until she follows the beeping into a room where she discovers Richmond’s computer, conveniently left open at his Bockmail inbox.  Linden sees all of the messages from her account that have been delivered to Richmond’s inbox and then he conveniently reappears at the doorway and asks her what she’s doing.  Meanwhile Holder makes it to the corner of Fifth and Jackson where he discovers that Aleena is gone, but there are several posters advertising Richmond’s run for Mayor.

Forbrydelsen: Hartmann (Richmond) is taken in for questioning and he confirms that he did indeed open a dating account on the Boils’ website under the screen name Faust.  He was going through a rough patch after his wife died and he’s not proud of the random hookups, but they were something he did as a way to ease his pain.  He stopped using the account months ago after he and Rie (Gwen) hooked up.  He claims that someone must have stolen his password.  Remember, in Forbrydelsen the mole in Hartmann’s (Richmond) campaign is still very much active.  The detectives press Hartmann (Richmond) on his whereabouts the night of Nanna’s (Rosie) disappearance.  He admits to being in the party’s flat, which is now a bloody crime scene (remember in an earlier recap I wrote about how the keys Nanna (Rosie) had were not to a room at a casino, but rather the entrance to the flat), but claims he left before Nanna (Rosie) ever arrived.  After his original alibi falls apart he refuses to tell the police where he was for fear the voting public will find him soft and eventually is arrested for the murder.  Left with no other choice, he finally reveals the truth, which is that on the weekend in question he drove out to a remote cabin owned by his wife and attempted to end his own life.  The detectives later confirm his story and he is cleared of all wrong doing.

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